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On being flexible ..

Flexibility is a virtue that produces many benefits.

I have found that being a flexible person has allowed me to access more opportunities. People are more inclined to ask me to do things because they know I'm more likely to say yes when I'm able.

Being flexible has also helped me to weather rough relationships. In potentially conflictual situations, I don't put myself in the rigid position of thinking that I must behave this way or that way. I let different attitudes and behaviors come to me from others without me having to react a certain way. When I don't need to react predictably (usually negatively) toward a situation, I'm free to assess the situation and be in control of both my emotions and the conflict that's around me. It is a valuable tool for conflict resolution and anger management. An analogy on flexibility is the difference between steel and iron. Steel withstands stress more than iron because it is more malleable and flexible than iron.

Flexibility contains elements of humility. It requires that a person not take himself too seriously when he faces adversity. It is an attitude that comes in handy when one encounters stressful situations.

Being flexible costs nothing, and it allows one to experience freedom in times of conflict.


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Change your thinking, and your attitude will be different. 

Change your attitude, and your behavior will be different.

Change your behavior, and your habit will be different.

Change your habit, and your life will be different. 

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